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Still working on the links page....

Doubtless if you're here you're internet-savvy and have already visited the many
unofficial PH/VdGG sites that are out there. If not, or anywhow, here are some
places to go - with the proviso, of course, that any opinions expressed are
the respective webmasters' own!

Well, now, you might like to note the companion site to this one.
It's now up and running. Quietly, smoothly, distinctively and interestingly.
Official, but hands off. Have a poke around and see what you find....

All of the following sites have excellent links pages to the many other sites that are
out we know everything connects,so happy trails from your (terrestrial)
starting points in


You may well also be interested in the Italian PH/VdGG Study Group. They're not all
(and it's not all in) Italian; a thoroughly decent bunch of enthusiastic people.

The UK site given above is, of course, You might also
be interested in a site which to a certain extent mirrors this one with regard to the
solo stuff: couchnoise

There's now a new site in japanese with all the latest information here.

Go here if you're interested in Echo City (Guy Evans' combo)

For Chris Judge Smith you need to go to here or for a bird's eye view Curly's Airships site. Now new and improved,

John Ellis aka Fury has also now got a cyber-home.

David Shaw-Parker, the author of "The Lemming Chronicles" now has a site...
and the last few copies of the book!

Ayuo Takahashi now has a redesigned site. It's in japanese, naturally.

If you're in the US you might prefer to order your Fie! CDs online
at theartistshop

Doubtless more links will appear here by and by....