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Onward we go.

At long last we can say that the VdGG Luxembourg date has been moved to 2022. It'll now be at the Rockhal club on April 29th. Details of the full tour are up here of course.

Just announced, there'll be a new album collaboration with Isildurs Bane, "In Disequilibrium", released in September and you can have an early listen to part of the material here.

As explained below, the Sofa Sound mail order shop has now closed and the official PH store has moved to

It's quite an emotional moment to say goodbye to this business, which has gone through so many mutations over the years. Perhaps in the coming days, when my equilibrium's somewhat restored, I'll write something about this, either here or over at the Journal pages - sadly neglected as they've been for a long while.

As and when there's any news to announce it will, of course, continue to be posted here.

Mille grazie, merci beaucoup, danke schön, duomo arigato and all the rest...this book is ended.

We've been running Sofa Sound as a mail order business for over forty years, from way back in pre-internet days.  The time has now come for us to stop doing so. Inevitably, Brexit has a part to play in this but there are other factors in play as well.

The official online mail order shop for my stuff will be moving over to from the 1st July. Many of you will already know that they're a super-efficient and straightforward company and they're much better placed than we are to weather the continuing bumpy ride we're currently on.

It goes without saying how much we appreciate the loyalty and enthusiasm which so many of you have shown to and for our little operation over so many years. Thank you. It's true to say that at many times in the past I wouldn't have been able to carry on making music without the support which you've given via Sofa Sound.

Time for a change, though: onward we go.

There are two new releases coming up which might be of interest. Please note that the vinyl of "In Translation" will now be out in August rather than July.

First, at long last a vinyl edition of "In Translation" will be released on August 13th. It's a 180gm white version, with single sleeve and lyric bag. Vinyl production is currently extremely unpredictable and we decided it was best to release the CD first and wait for this one. In a way, given the nature and age of some of the songs (see below) LP is possibly the most natural format for this collection!

Secondly, Universal (the inheritors of EMI, the inheritors of the Charisma catalogue) have been working very hard over the past months on a VdGG Boxed set and this is now set for release on September 3rd. It's a 20 disc set (17 cd and 3 dvd) which covers all the albums VdGG made for Charisma as well as a load of extra material including all known TV appearances. "H to He", "Pawn Hearts", "Godbluff" and "Still Life" have new mixes from the original multitracks by Stephen W Tayler, both in stereo and 5.1 surround. Additionally there's a 68 page book including rare photos. All in all it looks like an excellent package and is certainly the definitive release of the band's material from 1970-1978.

I believe there are also going to be editions of the four albums mentioned above both individually and as a bundle and each will consist of three discs: the original mix and the new one in stereo and 5.1 forms. They'll also be available as a bundle of four.

We're not taking orders for these releases here at sofasound but you'll find - and can preorder - them now over at

Further to the news below about our main touring we can now say that (somewhat to our own surprise) we'll be making an appearance at the Beautiful Days Festival in Devon which takes place 20th-22nd August. It's very exciting to have the prospect of a live show this year! We'll be playing the headline slot on Sunday evening.

It's with a certain sense of inevitability that we have to announce another rescheduling of the bulk of the VdGG European shows to spring 2022. Details are up at touring.

I haven't been entirely inactive in the course of the last year and the fruit of my labours will soon be released. It's an album of cover versions, "In Translation".

There's a really wide range of songs on this: pieces by Mahler and Fauré, two by Piazzolla and a selection of (fairly serious) pop songs old and new, American and European. Three of the songs came with English lyrics and I've translated all the others myself.

I think it's a pretty interesting collection and it was both a pleasure and a challenge to work on it. I've done my best to be true to the original writers and performers while still making my own kind of record. To my mind at least both the subject matter of these songs and their emotional tenor are strongly connected to the times in which we've recently been living

I await reactions with a measure of nervous anticipation but for myself I feel that somehow, perhaps against the odds, I've come up with something which fits in quite comfortably qith all the rest of the work.

The album will be released on 7th May and we are now taking orders for the CD at the Orders page. There will also be a vinyl release but that's a little further away.

Well, as I suppose many will have expected, we've now had to move the UK VdGG shows. They'll now take place in February and March 2022. Details are now up at touring.

All tickets remain valid for these, of course. We can but hope....

Stay as safe as is possible, everyone.

My previous notes about inactivity here and activity elsewhere:

I've been far from diligent of late in updating news here at Sofa Sound, even if hard news is a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

Partly this is the result of my continuing commitment to maintaining an online journal - at if you haven't yet come across it. (Though in fact I've been silent over on that platform for the last few months as well....) I began doing this in part because I realised that items I put up here on the latest news page have traditionally been erased  and overwritten as new stuff comes in - and of course it's now some time since the newsletters ceased being my favoured form of updating news. But in turn that's meant that I've been slow to put things up here. Must try harder....but of course the dissemination of info these days is spread over a number of different channels in any case.

(And should you be interested I also have a twitter identity, @Sofa_sound. My contributions there, though, are pretty random and sporadic....)

Many moons have passed...but you may also be interested, now, to go and check out where, finally, some lyric-labyrinthine adventures await, thanks to the indefatigable labours of Adrian. More on this anon, but it's only right to let you know that something's been/is afoot there....

Regarding the site...
The intention here is to have a fundamentally "white paper" place from which information rather than entertainment (or information as entertainment) can be gleaned. To this end the site should be under fairly constant revision. Once again, my apologies for being negligent in this regard over the last few months.