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Random Hold

I produced an album by Random Hold in 1979. They were an outstanding group and I commend "The View from Here" to you without reservation. In addition to live tracks this CD contains the full double album in its original my view the only way in which the set of recordings makes sense. This is really fine, invigorating and life-affirming work.

There remains, though, an unease between some members of the group and myself about the way things finally went. You will find this graphically expressed between every line referring to me in the history of the group as presented by Bill MacCormick on their homepage. These are old wounds which I cannot hope to heal. Nor can I justify myself or my actions at the time save by reference to the finished work.

All I can say is that I was doing my level best to present the Vision of Random Hold in a finished form, on budget and in full effect. It's true that ultimately this involved a degree of dictatorial behaviour on my part. I had no agenda other than to get the work done on their behalf and to keep the rest of The Biz off their backs.

It remains a matter of some regret to me that Random Hold did not have greater success and go on to make other recordings, from which, perhaps, production comparisons could have been drawn with my own work.

Apart from the above, I won't bitch. My contribution to the Random Hold recordings was, finally, to get the work finished in something approaching its intended form. I emphatically believe I did so. It also remains my belief that any other producer (including and maybe especially PG, Bill) would have struggled to do so.

I speak as one whose fingernails remain somewhat ragged from the experience.

Maybe I'll come back to this later....

Meanwhile, believe me, the record's really good.

It's been pointed out to me that the link below is now broken. I'm sure you'll be able to find the relevant page with just a little bit of googling but since it continues to contain the slightly toxic and emphatically one-eyed version of events which Bill originally presented there, in spite of the fact that various personal rapprochements have been made, various explanations explored over the years, I'm now reluctant to do a direct point from here. I'm still a fan the record and have deep fondness for all the players in the psychodrama, including Bill, who I now believe was the hardest done by of all - but not, particularly, by me.

And you can go to the RH history here.